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Virtual Zoos

Cyber Zoo Whitesboro Middle School working together with scientists from Syracuse University and SUNY ESF, Utica Zoo, and Burnet Park Zoo to create a web site that will display animals as part of a biome.

Exzooberance virtual zoo: "Celebrating the Animal Kingdom!
Virtual Zoo, Animal Photo Gallery, Animal News, Animal Magazines, Animal Games, Animal Posters and Prints, Animal Web Cams, Articles and Research, Animal Quotes, Zoo and Aquarium Directory, Links"

Naturalia: Zoo in the Wild virtual zoo (images, sounds, information) to allow enjoyment of nature without putting animals behind bars (Italy)

The Virtual Zoo: This web site was designed to bring a virtual zoo to anyone with access to the internet, regardless of their location in the world. Through the ThinkQuest program, we were able to accomplish this goal. Our zoo is a powerful educational tool which serves to heighten the general public's awareness of animals throughout the world. It also informs all students accessing our website about the alarming rate of human expansion into various animals' habitats.

Virtual Zoo pictures and brief biological information on zoo animals for entertainment & education

WildWNC,org: Animal Facts: This index of Nature Center animal fact sheets has been compiled for the use of students and educators. Brought to you by the Western North Carolina Nature Center.

Zoolex: Check out the fun and games section; Zuzzle

Zoo Reach: A lot of Great information on animals and conservation

Our goal is to have the most complete Zoo Directory portal on the internet. If you know of a Zoo website or a related site that is not in our directory site please let us know. Just click here and fill out our simple form


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