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Sponsor A Wild Animal

Now you can "adopt" an important piece of wildlife habitat! ... Click here

Help the Cheetah

Your Cheetah Adoption or Sponsorship will help ensure the cheetah's future!

Adopting A Wild Cheetah (available through CCF USA & Friends of Conservation UK)

When you 'adopt a wild cheetah' you receive: a CCF adoption certificate, a color photograph of the same classification of wild cheetah you 'adopt' and a large CCF sticker. Plus, if your total adoption(s) is $200 or more, you will be entitled to a discount when visiting CCF Namibia.

Click here

Save neglected lions & tigers

PrideRock is a safe haven for exotic felines for which we have accepted responsibility. Each Big Cat is given appropriate loving attention; secure enclosures; shelter from the elements; species appropriate nutrition; life enrichment facilities; veterinary care; and generally a facility in which they will live their remaining life in safety and comfort.

If you are interested Click here

Save neglected Wildebeest

SanWild is offering you the chance to be part of a unique project and contribute financially by adopting any one of our wild animals.
There is something deeply satisfying in knowing that your contribution have helped to save a wild animal that may otherwise have died or suffered in unacceptable conditions. When an animal finally walks free to join others of it's kind in a natural protected environment, there can be no greater joy or sense of achievement.

If you are interested Click here

Wild Animal World Stop Them From Capturing And Selling Wild Animals !

Please take every opportunity to stop the capturing,and selling of animals at the hands of Wild Animal World as pets. Thereby encouraging the focus and calls for live export to end. The wave of outrage at the horrendous suffering of exported wild animals must become even stronger. This immoral industry has to stop. For our exported animals we can not look the other way. Please help shut down and stop wild animal World now!

If you are interested Click here


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