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Weird Deep-Sea Creatures

Abundant new and rare marine species have been discovered on a deep-sea mountain range in the middle of the North Atlantic, scientists say.

Exotic worms, colorful corals, unusual sea cucumbers, and a plethora of weird fish are among the creatures that scientists spotted on a recent expedition to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, an underwater range that divides the North Atlantic.

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With a fearsome grin fit for a movie monster, this viperfish is a real-life predator that lurks in one of the world's most remote locations.
.... more info
Despite its delicate, decorated appearance, this jewel squid was found 1,650 feet beneath the surface of the North Atlantic.
.... more info
An ironic strategy for survival, a tiny shrimplike creature called an amphipod shows everything it has, inside and out, in an attempt to disappear.
.... more info
Deep sea animals, such as the baby isopod Ceratoserolis above, have been discovered during expeditions off Antarctica.
.... more info
This glass sponge was one of 76 sponge species found in the seas off Antarctica. 17 species of had never been found before
.... more info
This unusually shaped organism, a male Munna, was snagged during a deep-sea expedition in the waters around Antarctic.
.... more info
The Antarctic Benthic Deep-Sea Biodiversity Project, found more than 700 new species during expeditions in 2002 and 2005.
.... more info
The blind, white, crablike creature dubbed the "yeti crab" was just one of many new sea creatures discovered this year.
.... more info
The deepest survey took place more than three miles down in the North Atlantic. They found microscopic animals called zooplankton.
.... more info
Isopod crustaceans are rare species. Researchers are trying to sort out which is which can be like finding needles in a haystack.
.... more info
The scientists were documenting life on undersea mountains off northeast Australia when they found this specimen
.... more info
This heart-shaped jellyfish called a comb jelly was among thousands of tiny creatures captured in an expedition in April.
.... more info
This tiny, iridescent marine animal, called a zooplankton, is one of a dozen new species identified by scientists during the expedition.
.... more info
This tiny sea snail, or pteropod that resembles a Roman soldier's helmet. It was brought up from the deep near the Bermuda Triangle.
.... more info
The Atlanta peroni may be a bellwether of global warming among other things and is known to elevate the acidity of deep oceans.
.... more info
This baby octopus was probably using its large black eyes to search for a meal when it was snared by scientists last month.
.... more info
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