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About The Zoo Online
The Zoo Online is a virtual zoo website. The Zoo Online website is dedicated to bringing zoo animals as close to you as if you were at the actual zoos viewing them. There are more and more endangered species nowadays. Through The Zoo Online website, you will learn about many different types of zoo animals, their habitats, origins, and many important facts. The more facts we learn about zoo animals, the more educated we are and the less likely we are to endanger them.

All zoo animals featured on The Zoo Online website either reside are various zoos across the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom and Asia or are private properties of various benevolent owners who allow us to film their pets and private zoo animals. Among famous zoos which we would like to credit for the information and videos featured here on our The Zoo Online website are: San Diego Zoo, various travel zoos, Atlanta Zoo, Los Angeles Zoo, Nashville Zoo, Kansas City Zoo, and other zoos that are not yet mentioned here.

The goal of The Zoo Online goes beyond introducing animals, we want you to understand the zoo animals as much as you can without actually working at the zoos. Zoo animals are important part of our everyday life. Some zoo animals are our best friends whereas others help us understand the way nature works. Kids will be able to enjoy learning about zoo animals, how they live, what they eat, and what they look like even when they have not been to the zoos where those zoo animals are. The Zoo Online is the travel zoo of the Internet.

Videos and photographs of zoo animals featured on The Zoo Online are private properties of the owners who submitted them to us for educational purposes to help educate our visitors about zoo animals. We ask that all our zoo animal pictures and videos are not duplicated but are used for your own education as well as your children's education.

On top of information, pictures and videos featured on our website, we aim to provide fun activities on zoo animals online. Our The Zoo Online website is a free resource and educational website. We provide zoo animals games such as cartoon zoo animals games, kindergarten zoo animals games, zoo animal crafts, and zoo animal coloring pages. We will also be introducing zoo gift shops online due to popular demand. The Zoo Online stores have become very popular especially if you have visited the zoos and later on wish to purchase more zoo related items. An The Zoo Online gift shop will allow you to purchase many products related to zoo animals.

The Zoo Online website is continually updated to bring you more information and resources on zoo animals. Please check back with us regularly for future updates. If you have questions or comments, please use our contact form. You can also use the link on the left to bookmark this site.


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